Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Photo Shoot (taken a couple of weeks ago)

The Cutest Little Panda Ever!!!!!! This photo shoot was a little bit more difficult than any of our others. Now that she is running all around it was hard to keep her where she needed to be and also looking at the camera....but we managed to get a few good shots!

Too cute! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costume Party

Lily went to her very first Halloween Costume Party Wednesday evening! It was very cute and fun to watch all the kids. One of the Mom's in our playgroup hosts it each year and they go all out and have a disco ball and lights synchronized to the music and when it gets dark they turn it all on and let the kids have fun!
Here are a few pics from the evening!

Some of the Halloween Cupcakes I made for the party!

The Storm Troopers!

My little panda is trying to escape up the stairs! :)

Gave her an Oreo cookie for the first time...she didn't really care for it.

oooooh Elmo!!!

Elmo is Alexander from playgroup he is a couple months older than Lily.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Trip to Greenville (Lily 14 months old)

We had such a nice Fall visit to Greenville. The trees were starting to change colors and leaves were so pretty. We stayed with Matt and Lisa and had a great time catching up with them. Lily had so much fun playing with Maddie (their dog)! She wasn't afraid at all and enjoyed feeding her doggie treats and also some of her treats! :) I'm sure Maddie will miss sitting under the table waiting on Lily to drop or hand her food. On Friday we had fun seeing Greg, Constance, Keira, and Erin. The girls are getting so was great seeing all of them. Of course a trip to Greenville would not be complete with eating at Soby's, so we all did that on Friday evening. On Saturday Matt and Lisa went with us Apple picking in Flat Rock, NC. We have been going there for quite a few years now and we want to continue the tradition with Lily. We had a fun time and Lily loved being there. It was so pretty. We have so many good pictures from the weekend and alot of wonderful memories!

Our beautiful little girl!!!!!!!

Feeding Maddie her treats!

She thought it was fun that she had access to the stairs at Matt and Lisa's house...she didn't have any pesky baby gates to slow her down. :)

Wonderful dinner at Soby's with Wonderful friends!

Apple picking in Flat Rock, NC (Lily's first time)

Such a cutie!

Me and Jimmy! Happy 30th Birthday sweetheart!!!!


Me and my other sweetie!


Look how tall!

Pumpkin time!!!

Enjoying an apple cider doughnut!

Feeding the ducks!

Lisa, Lily, and I walking around the lake.

Wonderful memories!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hugs and Kisses from the Sweetest Little Girl!!!!!!

This has been such a great month! I enjoy being with Lily so much and playing with her and watching her grow and learn. She is a walking and running pro now! Super duper fast! I am constantly having to watch out for her, b/c she can be right up at me before I realize it. I don't know how many times I have almost stepped on her little toes! She is just a joy....her Daddy and I adore her!!! The last week or two she loves to run up to me and Jim and gives us the sweetest hugs....sometimes followed by kisses! We just love it!!!! She seems to understand almost everything. She is very good at going to get something for me if I ask for it, or if I tell her to go put something back where it came from she will do that too. Also for several months now she puts her pajamas in her dirty clothes hamper each morning. I just love seeing her do these things and she loves doing them! She has 8 stacking cups and she has gotten very good at correctly stacking them all inside one another, she has also gotten very good with her shape sorter and is learning how to put together her puzzle. She likes to play with her stacking rings and stack them back up...she used to just like to take them off....there have been so many developmental changes in the past month! For a couple of months now she will tell you hold she is by holding up one finger when you ask her! It is so fun just waiting to see what she will learn to do next!!

This past weekend we went to Waycross. On Saturday we went to the Lastinger Family Reunion which was at The Okefenokee Swamp Park. We had a great time despite the 100 degree weather! Lily had so much fun running around and playing with the other children there. She fit right in and followed them everywhere! She also got to see some alligators swimming around in the swamp. Later that afternoon she got to spend some time w/ Grammy and Grandad...she had a great time as always. Then on Sunday we went out to Millwood to see Granny Faye and Papa Greg. Lily got to ride the Gator w/ Papa Lastinger (Big Papa) and Jim to see the cows.....she loved this and moooooed all afternoon. She also got to visit the chickens. A very exciting weekend for a little girl!!!!

Couldn't you just squeeze her!!!!! :)

Look closely and you can see the gator swimming up to us!

She had so much fun playing w/ the kids!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update and pics from this past week!

Lily has been saying lots of new words...she loves to talk. Here are some from the last couple of weeks.....panda bear, hat, dog, shake shake shake, zipper, grammy, lawn mower, skunk, tickle tickle tickle, vacuum, slide. I just love hearing her talk. She's had a couple of new foods this past week...strawberries, and brussel sprouts (I was a little worried about the strawberries since it can be a highly allergic food, but she didn't have any problems w/ it). She hasn't warmed up to the brussel sprouts yet...but we'll see. Another favorite thing of her's right now is getting into all the kitchen cabinets...I didn't want to have to put the locks on all of them but now most of them have was just too tempting for her! :) She must have the best hearing in the world b/c it does not matter where she is in the house if I dare to open the refrigerator or the dish washer she comes running as fast as those little legs of hers will take her to see what she can try to get into!

As of October 1st Lily has stopped crawling altogether, and only walks.

On October 3rd she said her first sentence. "Moon in the sky."

On October 4th she started coming down with a cold (her very first one), so the last few days have been a little more difficult dealing w/ that. She had a fever the first day, and has been all stuffy and had a runny nose, she's had a little coughing but not bad. We've kept a humidifier running in her room the last several days/nights and have given her some tylonol and she's feeling alot better today, still not all the way well, but alot better! Jim and I got the cold as well. I broke my cold free streak it had been 2 years since I've been sick....guess it had to happen sometime! :) But mine hasn't been that bad...I'm feeling good today!

Panda pj's are just the cutest!

Big girl clothes! :)

I see you!

About to knock over Mommy's tower!

This was the first day of her cold. She was snuggling w/ Daddy! So sweet!

Grammy came to visit and brought Lily a sandbox. Today I put water in it and a few little toys she had the best time playing in the water and splashing! Grammy also brought her a slide and Lily loves it. All the time now she points outside and says slide! I need to get a pic of her playing with it. She loves to climb up it and then I help her slide down.

Jim was misting her w/ the water hose. :)

All wet!