Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lily is 18 Months Old Today!!!!!!!!

Today is an exciting day it's Lily's 1 1/2 year Birthday!!!! I just cannot describe how absolutely precious and sweet this child is. She will steal your heart!!!! She continues to amaze us with everything she understands and does. She has a wonderful vocabulary and regularly says 3 word sentences. She is very outgoing. She doesn't meet a stranger and talks to everyone. When we are out and about she always tells people Hey and Bye. She is just an amazing joy. She loves the outdoors so I have a feeling we will probably be spending alot time in the backyard, parks, and the beach this year! Each day is an exciting day when you have a little one never know what will happen!!! She keeps us on our toes! We love you baby!!! Oh, and Daddy has been away this week, he will be back tomorrow. Lily and I have been having wonderful girl time, so much fun! But we miss Daddy and will be glad to see him. Lily leaves things for him at his office door. I show her isn't in there, but she still does it. She loves her Daddy!!! I was going to also post a video that I took of her today playing but it was taking too long to upload, I will try it again later.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day and More!

Oops! I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have made a post. I am falling behind. We have been staying so busy, and I keep thinking I need to update the blog and I'm just now getting around to it. Last Sunday was Valentine's Day (Lily's 2nd) and it was a fun weekend. Our good friends Lisa and Matt came for a visit and spent the weekend with us. It was so good to see them. I can't believe it was actually cold in Florida while they were here, so we didn't do much outdoors this visit, but we did drive over to the beach and got out to take a quick picture and Jim and Matt went to a car show while Lisa and I hung out at the house and talked for hours while Lily took one of her 4 hr naps!! (thanks Lily) :) and then later that evening Lisa and I went out while the boys (and Lily) stayed home. We had a fun time catching up. On Sunday Lily got to open up her Valentine's card and her Valentines pajamas that we had gotten her. We also went over to see April and the boys. Grammy was visiting w/ them so we were able to see her too! Then on Tuesday Mom spent the night w/ us and Jim and I went out for a post Valentine's Day dinner, and now February is almost over. It's been a quick month! Below are some pics from one of Lily's many playdates and from Valentine's Day!

Alexander climbed into the diaper box and Lily thought it looked like fun so she joined him!

Lisa and I :)

Cute pic of Lisa and Lily

Lily opening up her Valentines gifts!

She loved her Dora card and Dora stickers. She is still playing w/ them now almost a week later!

As you may have guessed I picked out the Valentine panda pjs and Jim picked out the cute I love Daddy pjs.

Went to the park to play some ball and to play on the slide the afternoon of Valentine's Day! While there we ended up running into several of her little buddies from playgroup! (I love, love, love our community!!!)