Monday, August 31, 2009

My 30th Birthday Weekend!!!

Today August 31 I turned 30 years old! It seems a little strange to think that I am 30, but I'm sure that I will adjust! :) Jim planned a fun surprise weekend for me. His original plans that he had been planning for a couple of months for Saturday evening fell through at the last minute so he had to come up w/ a plan B the night before. He decided on dinner and fun at Dave and Buster's. He had invited friends to enjoy the evening w/ us and then to also come over Sunday for Brunch. We had a sitter lined up for Lily so on Saturday off we went to Dave and Buster's. The food there was very good....the next time we go back I definitely want to eat there! yum!!! On Sunday everyone came over for brunch and it was so yummy. Jim always does such a great job cooking! Then Sunday evening Jim made my Birthday cake and it was delicious as always!!!! It was a great way to start my 30's!!!

The best cake ever!!!!!!!!!! I have it every year!!!!!

Fun at Dave and Buster's!

Lily enjoyed some of Mommy's cake!!

Yum!!!! More please!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday!

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning April and I went to some Garage Sales and to some Consignment shops, we had a great time so we decided to do it again today. This time we just went to a few Garage Sales in the area b/c we didn't have as much time today. April had an idea that it would be fun to post on our blogs the things we found. I thought it sounded like fun so here are my finds for today......I bought all these books and the Starbucks Cookies for Santa plate and saucer all for $4.00. Not a bad deal I think!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lily's One Year Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday (the 25th) Lily had her 1 year well checkup. This was our first visit to our new pediatrician here in Florida. We really like her new doctor and the nurses were great too! So, that is a relief! The visit went good. She now weighs 19 lbs 9oz and she measured 29 1/4 inches tall. Her head circumference is 17 3/4. She received 4 shots and she was not very happy about that, it was hard for me to keep her still for those. She gets them in her arms now instead of her legs...she is getting to be such a big girl. She cried, but after the nurse left the room and we got her dressed she was alright and then she got a sticker from the nurse which she was happy to chew on until I had to take it away. :) The doctor suggested and I agree that we may want to take Lily to a pediatric dermatologist since she is still having an issue with her eczema to see if there might be something else we can do for her. So, we will set that appt up soon.

This is a pic of Lily relaxing, chewing on her toy before the Doctor comes in.

This was her playing w/ her new House on her actual BirthDay (the 24th).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!

Today is Lily's 1st Birthday! I can barely believe that it has been a year already. Yesterday evening Jim and I were thinking back to the day before she was born, when I started having labor pains at the house and we were getting so excited because we couldn't wait to meet our little girl whom we had been talking to for the last 9 months. Then when we went to the hospital and everything that happened afterwards. It was a very exciting and emotional time. We just feel so thankful and blessed to have Lily in our lives. She makes everyday brighter than the last and she brings smiles to everyone she sees!

Saturday, August 22nd is when we had her party. It was a fun day! Lily took her nap that morning and woke up just as people were starting to arrive, it worked out perfectly. She enjoyed everyone being here and loved all the attention. She particularly liked it when we all sang Happy Birthday to her. She enjoyed opening her presents w/ my help and seeing all her new toys and clothes and books! Then she got to have her little was funny, at first she wasn't so sure what she was supposed to do with it. Then she put her finger in it and got some icing on it and held it up to me like she wanted me to wipe it off. :) It was cute. Afterwards when I was wiping her off I realized that she was all broken out on her face and her arms where the icing had gotten. She was all itchy there was something in the icing that she was allergic to. We went ahead and gave her a bath so we could make sure we got it all off of her and after a couple of hours she looked a lot better. She stills has a couple of red places on her face. We are going to call the bakery tomorrow to see what all the ingredients are.

We took hundreds of pictures on Saturday, I have tried to pick out some of our favorites to post..... Thank you to everyone for helping us make this a special day for Lily!

fun fun!!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out her candle!

I have something on my hands Mommy! please wipe it off!!


Her face is all broken out from the icing in this pic! poor baby

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lily's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot!!!!

Jim took these photos a couple of weeks before the big day. We are so happy with how they turned out. She had alot of fun during this photo shoot....she was laughing alot at silly Mommy dancing all around! :-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lily's New Favorite Thing To Do

Lily loves to hold our fingers and walk all around the house. I think if we could hold out she would do it for hours! :) When she gets the urge she will come over to one of us and grab our fingers and start pulling them up in the air....her way of saying "get up and walk w/ me!!!" You will notice in the video she walks very fast it was hard for me to keep up w/ her and Jim w/ the camera.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lily Feeding Herself w/ a Spoon for the FIRST Time!!!

A few days ago on August 10 I thought I would let Lily try feeding herself for the first using a spoon and a bowl. It went very good, much better than I would have imagined for the very first time. She liked her little spoon and I would help her by putting the sweet potato on there and then she would put it in her mouth. She liked it and knew just what to do. It was alot less messy than her eating w/ her fingers. So each night for dinner since then I have been letting her practice with her bowl and spoon! It is so exciting for me to see her learning all these new things. I can't believe my baby is almost a year old. It has gone by soooo fast. I enjoy each and every day with her and with Jim.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lily Is Walking!!!!!! (11 1/2 months old)

Today Lily took her first steps!!!!! We are so proud of her! This evening I sat her in her little chair and turned around to get something, when I turned back she was standing up and taking a step. It was so cute to watch. She took 4 or 5 steps before stopping and getting down on her knees. I was so excited for her. When she was done she turned to see if I was looking and we both celebrated! She was very excited at her accomplishment!!! The video camera happened to be a few feet away so I sat her back in her chair and turned it on and she took a couple of steps on camera for me. She tried several more times, and a few of those times she took several steps and then she would get excited and fall down. We'll keep practicing and I'm sure she will be a pro in no time!!!! YAY LILY!!!! We love you sweetheart!!!! <3

In this video is one of the tries where she took a couple of steps.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Lily!!!

I can tell everyday that Lily is growing and learning. She has been blowing us kisses for awhile now, but yesterday was the first day that she put her hands at her mouth and blew us a kiss. It was so adorable. I wish I could have captured it on video! Also lately she has gotten very good at throwing us the ball. She absolutely loves this. We will roll the ball to her and then she will throw it back to us. She is very good w/ her aim and distance. Also last night Jim and I were playing with her upstairs in the loft before her bedtime and she was having the best time. I was laying on the floor and I told her to come over and give Mommy a hug and she crawled over, came right up to my face and laid her head on mine so that I could give her a kiss. It was so sweet! Then she sat up and blew me a kiss. It just melted my heart! Another thing I need to get on video is of us holding her hands and walking her around. The steps she makes is just too cute. I will try and do that soon!

Lily loves to go outside. Below she was standing at the door watching it rain and hoping one of us would take her outside....and of course we did. We sat out on the lanai and watched the rain and talked about the thunder. She has been saying the word "sky" now for a week or so.

Lily pool time! She loves the water!
and then she gets distracted by all the grass! she ended up almost putting a mushroom in her mouth. It was time to go in then! :)

Her links...aka her favorite toys!