Tuesday, March 24, 2009

7 Month Birthday!!!!

Having our weekly breakfast at Panera!!! Yum!!!

Lily was busy making sure the table was clean! :)

Lily w/ Mr. Mike, one of our Panera Pals we see each week!

Lily is already 7 months old! WOW!! A few months before Lily was born I read this quote and I put it on my bathroom mirror so that I could read it each day.

"Today is the day to savor the moments.....to slow down and enjoy the gift you've been given and the One who gave it. Let all the other stuff wait its turn because today belongs to baby."

I read this each day and remind myself that I need to slow down and appreciate each and every day. I know sometimes it is easy to say..."oh, I can't wait until Lily is crawling..or walking...or talking, etc...." but I have stopped doing this because I want to enjoy where she is at in her life each and every day....and I am in no hurry for her to grow up...she can stay my little baby for a long long time! :-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pics from the last few days!

This just makes me smile!!! I love her little pig tails!

She makes her Mommy and Daddy sooooo Happy!!!!

All ready to go to church this morning!

She absolutely loves her green beans that she has been eating this week!

Looking cute while taking a stroll through the park!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What Lily's Been Up To..........

All bundled up for a walk around the neighborhood w/ Mommy and Daddy! (Sorry these top 2 photos were taken w/ the phone so the quality is alot lower...but still cute photos)

Hanging out and snuggling up next to Daddy! So cute!!! :)

Scooting underneath the crib! :)

She likes to sit up and play now....and she loves her shapes toy that Aunt April got her for Christmas!

I was wrapping something and she had to come over and investigate....she took a sheet of tissue paper w/ her....she thought it was way more fun than her toys!

This week Lily is eating some yellow squash I made for her. She's had it yesterday and today. She really seems to like it! She will have it for a couple more days and then we will move on to green beans! I'm thinking she probably won't be quite as excited about those.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lily First Visit To The Greenville Zoo!!!

My new favorite photo of Lily and Jim!

Yesterday we packed us a picnic lunch and took a little outing to the Greenville Zoo. The weather was beautiful and since we went during the week it wasn't too terribly crowded. Lily had fun...I think she enjoyed watching all the people and kids more than the animals, but that's alright I'm just glad she had a good time! Jim and I had a great time too! It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yummy, Yummy Sweet Potatoes!!!

Today I made sweet potatoes for Lily and she loved them!!! She ate 3 tbsp of them!!! Yay Lily!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Weekend!

very willing to try the sweet peas

kind of wishing she hadn't :)

wondering where her tasty cereal went and why she is eating this green stuff!

ooohhh...what is this!

I can drink from it!! yay!!


Lily's serious face!
playing "this little piggy" w/ her toes! she loves it!

Having fun at the park!!

Mommy and her best gal!

Waking from one of her naps today! She is always so excited to see us!

We had such a nice weekend! On Saturday we spent most of the time relaxing and having nice day at the house. Lily tried out her sippy cup for the first time. I just put about an ounce of water in it. It was cute watching her with the cup. Then on Saturday evening we had a date night and Lisa babysat Lily! Jim and I had a wonderful dinner at Soby's and Lily had a great time playing with Lisa! On Sunday morning we went to church. Then when we got home Lily tried the sweet peas that I had made for her. As you can see from the pics she was not very excited about them....it was so cute. She was making all kinds of funny faces. I think she took about 4 bites of them and she decided that was enough for the first time. (Today she did much better with them, she ate almost 2 tbsp of them.) Then Sunday afternoon we went to the park. The weather was so nice...I don't believe I have ever seen as many people at the park. Lily had fun being pushed around in her stroller and looking at everyone that passed by and their doggies! It was a great weekend!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Trip To Waycross!

Our Little Family!!! :)

Lily having fun with Grammy and Grandad!

Lily w/ Mommy and Aunt April

April and Zayne (Zayne had just woke up from a nap...sooo cute!)

Having fun playing together!

Posing for Pics! Zayne (10 months) and Lily (6 months) Best Buds!!!

Mr. Zayne!

Lily checking Courtney out! :)

Grandad and Lily

All my sweet girls!!!!

We were down in Waycross Feb.27-March 3 and we had a wonderful time! We stayed a little longer than usual and that gave us a chance to see more people and Lily got to spend more time with her grandparents. She did so well the entire time...she sat in the back seat all my herself the entire trip down there and back! She was such a big girl! She took good naps and slept good at night the entire visit and she had fun showing off some for everyone. She got to show them her new trick...waving!! It is so cute when she is down on the floor playing on her tummy she will prop up on one hand and lift the other one and wave at you. Absolutely Adorable!!! She also started scooting backwards while we were down there! During our visit we were able to get together with Ken, and Lily also got to spend some time with Chelsea, Courtney, Nathan and Zayne. Zayne and Lily were intrigued by one another...it was so cute. I am looking forward to them spending more time playing together!