Monday, November 22, 2010

Lily The Cookie Monster :-)

This evening we went to Publix while at Publix Lily got her free cookie from the bakery like always. We also bought a pack of 13 cookies from the bakery and Jim left those out on our island (sealed and unopened) when we got home. Well, I went in to our bedroom and Jim went into his office. I heard some strange sounds a few minutes later, but I thought she was just playing in her playroom. Then it got very quiet so I decided I better go check on her. I looked in her playroom and she wasn't there. I didn't call out for her but just kept looking and I spotted her on the floor of the kitchen, and sitting between her legs was an opened container of cookies and Lily had 2 cookies in her hand just eating away! It was too funny she was taking a bite of every cookie she could. Before she spotted me I went into the office and got Jim so he could see her too. We both went in their and she started explaining right away that she got the cookies off the counter and opened them. I was kind of impressed that she was able to break the seal and open them. We were also surprised that she was able to reach them. She was so cute, I had to take a few pictures of her. We did tell her that from now on that she needs to tell us before taking things off the counter. We let her finish eating one of the cookies that she had been nibbling on. Jim put Lily to bed tonight and before he laid her down he asked if she was going to sleep good and she said "I'm going to sleep good so I can have more cookies tomorrow! " I think someone likes cookies!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Random Pics of Lily from the last week or two!

All of the pictures were below were taken w/ my phone so please excuse any blurriness.

Lily and Grandad on our walk home from the park.

She is so good at almost all of the playground equipment now. I remember when I used to be so afraid for her to be up there.

Eating a yummy cookie at Publix.

Lily went to a Dora Birthday party last weekend. She had so much fun. All the kids were so cute.

Little Explorer's!

Showing off their backpacks! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

18 Week Maternity Photos

These pics were taken on November 11, 2010 when I was 18 weeks pregnant.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Are Having A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Today I am 18 weeks and I had my ultrasound appointment. Jennifer the technician said that everything looked great and that we are having another little girl!!! She also said that she measured at 18 weeks so looks like we are right on track! We are very excited about having another little girl and for Lily having a sister. Now that we know what we are having we can start doing some planning! Fun, Fun!! The rest of my visit went well too, I had blood drawn... 5 vials!
The baby's heart rate was 161 and weighs about 7ozs. My blood pressure was 110/62, and I have gained about 8 pounds at this point. I've been feeling her move around a good bit lately. My next appt is December 9th.

Lily stayed with friends while we went to the appt and when we saw here we told her that she was going to have a little sister. Later on she was playing outside and she was off by herself and I heard her singing "I'm a big sister" over and over again. :-) We are just so thankful that everything looked good and that it seems we are right on track.

Our little girl was moving all around so we were not able to get a good profile picture but here are the photos we did get.

A good picture of her spine.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Sweet Little Dora Princess!

Lily had so much fun trick or treating and I enjoyed taking her. Some of our friends invited us to go w/ them, so we met them at their house and she went trick or treating w/ her friends Glenn and Alexander. She would go up to the doors and say "trick or treat" she also entertained us w/ some singing along the way. Then we came back to our house and took her down our street. She also enjoyed handing candy out when we got back to the house. It was a fun night!

Getting ready to go trick or treating w/ Alexander. He looked so cute in his frog costume!

Waiting patiently! :)

Glenn was dressed as a Fireman.

Sea World Spooktacular

We took Lily to the Halloween Spooktacular at Sea World. They had some of the Sesame Street characters there and they put on a show, they also had trick or treating and a maze set up for the kids to help Abby Cadabby find her magic wand. Lily had so much fun. We also saw the Dolphin show since it is one of her favorites. She loves the shows and she loved meeting all of the characters and gave them big hugs and did not want to leave. It was a great day w/ lots of fun memories for us all!