Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Big Accomplishment!!!!

Just a few minutes ago our smart little girl went from a laying down position to sitting up all by herself. She was soooo excited....she knew she had done something. This pic was taken right after!

I'll Be Crawling Soon!!!

It won't be long now! She's been rocking back and forth on her hands and knees for a few weeks now. The last several days she has started crawling backwards and yesterday she crawled forward for the first time!!!!!

Standing up all by myself!!! The happiest baby in the world!!!

Looking cool in Mommy's hat!

Loving on Da Da!!!

First time in the shopping cart! She loved it!!!

Having fun at bath time!!! She has such a good time....oh and she loves to you better watch out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit With Granny Faye and Papa Greg!

Hanging out w/ Granny while we do some more moving preparations!!

They brought Lily some Easter goodies! Some cute sandals for summer!

A very neat pillow opens up and has Bible stories!

A Bible book that has 2 cds of songs that go w/ it!

and a Bunny Rabbit that moves and sings from Papa Lastinger!!

Lily looking at her bunny...trying to figure him out!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 10 Things I Will Miss About The Upstate (in no particular order)

1). All of the wonderful friends we have made over the last 8 years!
2). All of the delicious places to eat........especially SOBY'S!!!!!! oh how we will miss you!
3). All of our Panera Pals.....Tuesday's just wouldn't be the same w/o you.
4). All of our great Doctor's that we have here.
5). Our mailman...he is such a nice older man.
6). Our UPS guy (Lewis)....we have gotten to know him very well.....we have seen alot of him over the last few yrs....very nice guy
7). Our church.....such wonderful sermons....I'm glad we will still get to listen online!
8). Downtown Greenville.....the best downtown area I have ever seen.....great shops, restaurant, parks.....always feels safe...a great place to hang out!
9). The weather......I love the seasons here in SC.....and it's not near as humid and buggy as further south!
10). Our very first house.....even though I am definitely ready to spread out some and have more room....not too mention a yard....I will still miss our townhome's been a wonderful place to live for the last 3 1/2 yrs!

but even though I will miss all of these people/places/things alot.....I am still very much looking forward to our future in Florida.....we will be gaining so many wonderful new things. It's a whole new adventure just waiting for us to begin.....and we are READY!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Family pic!

Lily "finding" her Easter eggs! She was way more interested in the bush than she was the eggs! :)

Lisa, Matt and Lily

Lily and I getting ready for church this morning!

Lily's First Easter! We started off the morning by going to church, then we came home relaxed for a little while and while Lily was napping Jim and I started preparing for our Easter lunch. Yesterday we picked up our Honey Baked Ham..yum! So for our Easter lunch today we had Ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh greenbeans, cheddar bacon deviled eggs (a new recipe I found), rolls, and a devil's food cake I made yesterday! and Jim made some delicious Smokey Mountain Iced Tea w/ Mint! Our good friends Lisa and Matt joined us for lunch and Lisa made a very yummy Butternut Squash Soup and some Zeppolis. After our wonderful lunch we placed a few Easter Eggs in the front yard for Lily to "find." :) We have had a wonderful day and have so many things to be thankful for!

Also want to say Congratulations to Amanda, Phil, and Jack!! They will be welcoming a little boy (Baby Hugh) into the world this August!!! Another little pal for Lily to play with!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lily has had a busy, fun week!!!

Yesterday Lily and I had lunch w/ our wonderful friend Constance and her 2 absolutely adorable little girls, Keira and Erin!!!

Keira loving on her Mommy!!

Group shot...Lily was more interested in looking at Erin instead of the camera! :)

Last Sunday Lily decided she wanted to go exploring under my desk and she found all my pretty computer cords!

Jim rolled the ball to distract her away from the cords! :)

Come get me Mommy! Lily holding her arms out for me!

Playing some Bball!

Last Saturday we had dinner at Soby's with our good friends Matt and Lisa! Lily has been to Soby's several times for brunch, but this was her first time for dinner!

Lily did great!!! and we all had a fun time!!

Loving her sippy water!

Lisa and Lily posing for the camera!

Lily was admiring Lisa's pretty earring!

After dinner we took a walk down to Falls Park!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Easter Lily!!!

Lily's First Easter Basket

Above are the Easter photos that Jim and I took of our sweet, sweet Lily!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lily Update!!!

Happy Baby!!!

awww....a hug!!!

Already learning how to share!

Today is Mom's (Grammy) Birthday! Happy Birthday from Jim, Jen, and Lily!!!!!! We love you!!

Just wanted to do a Lily update on all the new things she has been doing in the last several weeks. A couple of weeks ago I transitioned her to 4 bottles and 3 food meals a day. She did great w/ the transition. She is only getting a few ounces less milk than before, but now in addition she gets a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This new schedule is really working great! She does great with her naps and her sleeping at night. She usually goes to bed about 8:30pm and then starts waking up between 7 -8 the next morning...when she does wake up she will play in her crib for at least 30 minutes before we need to go get her! Which is awesome since I usually get up about 6:30....that gives me enough time to get my coffee and start on work before she ever gets up. I like having quiet time all to my self!

She is doing so good with her sippy cup. She holds it so well and she loves it. I still only put water in it...but of course she doesn't mind at all! Oh and this next thing Daddy (Jim) is a little jealous about...when I get Lily up in the mornings or sometime after a nap she will give me kisses on the is soooo sweet. I LOVE IT!!!

She says da da alot and sometimes it sounds like she says ma ma. It is so cute to listen to her talk...especially when she gets aggravated at know she is trying to tell you something!

Another thing she has recently started doing is that she will hold her arms straight out in the air when she wants us to come get her. Like when she is playing and wants to do something else....and of course we cannot resist her! It is just adorable.

She has the happiest disposition and we just love her so very much!!!! Above are some pics that April took of Lily and Zayne playing while Jim and I were out looking at houses.