Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some photos from the past few days!

I also have some great video's of her walking....I will try to post them sometime this week. She has gotten so good and fast!!!

Look how long her hair is!!!

Lily and me today at Granny Murray's Birthday dinner/reunion at Obediah's

She still likes to put everything in her mouth! =-)

mmmmm this is good too!

Now she can't decide which is better!

Mommy's sweetheart!

Here are a few pics from yesterday when April, Drew and the boys came over for dinner.
Noah is just the happiest little guy!!!!
April and Lily!!

Zayne our future soccer player! so cute!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

13 Months Old Today!!!!

We have noticed so many changes with Lily these last several weeks. She is really growing into a little girl....not my little tiny baby anymore. This is definitely a very very cute stage. She now walks more than she crawls. She seems to prefer it to crawling...can't say that I blame her there! I still haven't gotten used to seeing her cute little self walking all around. It is just the most adorable little sight. Used to we could hear the pitter patter of her crawling around on our tile floor, but now with her walking we can't hear her as well and sometimes I turn around and there she is walking towards me! We can tell she very much enjoys being able to walk!!!

Her vocabulary is also expanding...she can say so many words now. She will usually try to repeat anything you ask her to. Here are some of her new words from the last couple of weeks. ball, water "wa wa", butterfly, papa, grandad, moon, yellow, exercising, and any other word that she hears us say that sounds fun to her. We went for a walk yesterday evening, it wasn't quite 7, so it was still light out but the moon had come up, there wasn't very much of it to see since it was a crescent moon......I hadn't even noticed it. She pointed up to the sky and said moon. I was impressed especially since I do not believe Jim or myself have ever pointed the moon out to her in the sky. We've only talked about it in books....but she knew exactly what it was. She is also very good at letting us know what she wants and doesn't want. Which helps us out alot!!

Lily got her fitted for her first pair of big girl shoes this week. She still goes barefoot most of the time around here, but w/ her walking now I knew she would need a good pair of shoes for when we are out and about. They are very flexible she can walk good in them! Lily also went to her first playgroup last week and we both had fun, she also went to her first story time at the library. She liked that alot too! This is such a fun fun age!!!!! Each day is a surprise...she is learning so much!!

She likes to stand on her head like this and wave at me! :) Then she loves it when I join in and do the same thing!

Lily's new shoes!

Danger, Danger!

Daddy and Lily last Sunday when we went to Church w/ Granny Faye and Papa Greg

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Walking Update

Just wanted to do a quick little update. Today Lily has been taking steps on her own alot. She walked halfway across our living room just as steady as can be. She is definitely getting more confident with it. Yay Lily!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Little Talker

In the last few weeks Lily's vocabulary has definitely been growing. Some of her new words are bye bye, hey, uh-oh, shoes, dog, banana, baby, and wow! She can also identify these parts of her body: head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, fingers, feet, toes, knees, belly button, and teeth. Yesterday I was showing her a new candle that I had just bought and I asked her if she would like to smell it and she put her nose to it and started sniffing it....which I thought was very good since I have never asked her to smell anything before, but she knew just what to do. Also over the last few days she has started taking more steps on her own. She had stopped for awhile only wanting me or Jim to walk around with her....but lately I have seen her taking steps when she doesn't realize I'm watching.

We had a very BIG SCARE this evening. We had something cooking in the oven. Lily had wandered into the kitchen and neither Jim or I were in there. I was on my way over that way when I heard her fall down, she wasn't crying but I wanted to make sure she was alright. As I round the corner I see that the oven door is open.....I think my heart stopped....she must have stood on her tiptoes and reached the oven door handle and pulled on it w/ her weight and as it opened it knocked her over. As I was going in there she was about to get up and she was just a second away from grabbing the inside of that hot oven door when I saw what was happening. Needless to say I so glad I went in there when I did b/c I do not want to think about how bad it could have been. I am so thankful God kept my little girl safe!!

This is a video of her being cute a couple of Sunday's ago while eating her yogurt.

At the end of this video you can hear her say "No" and shake her head. That is one of the cutest things she does.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spending Time Outside!

This little girl loves being outside! If you even whisper the word outside she races for the door or points out the window wanting to go out. The weather has been soooooo wonderful lately that I certainly don't mind taking her. We have been spending alot time outside every afternoon and then again in the evening before her bedtime. Yesterday evening Jim and I was doing some work in the yard so I just put Lily in her stroller and let her watch. There was a nice cool breeze blowing, it felt wonderful....with weather like this I believe I could just live outside! We have quite a few planes that always fly over, alot of them being military planes and helicopters and Lily always has fun pointing them out to us! We look forward to family outside time everyday!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lily Update!

It has already been 2 weeks since Lily turned ONE! The time goes by way too fast! About a week ago we stopped giving her her bedtime bottle. We stopped all of her other bottle feedings a good while back. I really think we could have stopped her bedtime one a while back too, as long as she got her food she didn't mind if it was in a sippy cup or a bottle, but I enjoyed feeding her the bottle before she went to bed at night so I decided we would keep doing it until she turned one. But now it is all sippy cups for Lily and we have also changed up her bedtime routine. Now she get's her bath and then I read her a book and put her in the crib, where before she got her bath, then bottle, then crib. She transitioned great!! She didn't mind at all that she wasn't getting fed after her bath. Now she looks forward to me reading her a bedtime story! We also started her on whole milk about a week ago. She is doing great with it. At first she knew it was different and she wasn't quite sure about it, but now she seems to really like it! I'm so glad it has all been such an easy transition. I really thought that it would be, but sometimes you just never know.

We have also been having such nice weather lately...especially in the mornings and the evenings. We have been spending alot more time outside. Lately I've been spreading a blanket on the ground outside and we all go out and sit and play. Lily loves to go exploring and loves for us to walk all around the yard with her. She also likes to collect leaves and give them to me. Below is a pic of the leaves she gave to me this evening. I just love spending time with her outside and she loves it too!

For a month or so now this is usually how Lily drinks her morning sippy cup....sitting beside me while I drink my coffee and then we read a couple of books together. It's nice snuggle time. I'm usually in my pj's! ;-)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ponte Vedra Beach

Yesterday morning after Lily woke up we took a little drive over to PVB. The weather was so nice and was a little stormy in the area, so it was very windy on the beach. Other than that it was great. I have discovered another use for the jogging stroller. It works great on the beach. I have had it for a month now and I have been putting the miles on it. I run 3 times a week and Lily joins me in the jogger for 2 of those days. You want to talk about a workout...pushing a 20lb+ stroller and a 20lb baby running for 4 miles in this hot Florida weather.... that is quite a workout! Although lately the mornings have started being a little cooler which I am so thankful for!!! Here are a few pictures from our outing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fort Clinch State Park

On Monday the 31st we drove over to Fernandina Beach to Fort Clinch to visit Papa Greg and Granny Faye. They were camping at the park. While we were there Lily got to watch Papa Greg catch some fish. She enjoyed watching this and I know she would have loved to have played w/ the little fish if we would have let her. Only small fish were biting at the time we were there so they were thrown back. We then all went to Sonny's to eat some BBQ. Lily had such a fun time at the restaurant. I wish I could say the same for the car ride there and back. Whew...that was rough! Below are a few pics from our day!

We had just made it to the park...she was so glad to be out of her carseat. (It was only an hour drive)

Lily watching a fish being caught for the first time! She wanted it!!!

Lily sitting at the campsite w/ Granny Faye!