Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stride Rite Fan Photo of the Week

On facebook I am a fan of Stride Rite, because I really like their shoes for Lily. Last week I saw where you could submit a photo to there wall to enter it in the photo of week contest that they do each week. They pick the winner each Wednesday. I had forgotten all about it until I saw where they announced the winner today and it was the photo I submitted of Lily!!!! So it made my day! =) They will use her picture as their profile picture for the week. Here is the photo that they posted on their page! Yay Lily!!!!! Who can resist a sweet little panda bear?? Not me and apparently not them either. :)

17 Months Old!!!!

Our sweet little girl was 17 months old on Sunday. We walked down to the park in the afternoon and Jim took a few pics of her playing on the playground. She had a great time! She loves being outside and she loves the park!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Spaghetti Night!!!!

As you can see from the pictures Lily very much enjoyed her spaghetti, cleaned her bowl. Which makes me happy. Back a few months ago she went through a kind of pickier stage which worried me, because I didn't know if it would be sticking around or not. I have always tried to give her as much diversity as I could with her foods, to make she was introduced to all different things which has gone really well for us. Then she went through the pickier stage where she was wanting to eat the same things over and over. She seems to be getting over this now as I have still been persistent at getting her to try other foods. She especially likes it when I give her the spoon and let her feed herself. She is getting the hang of it. For now I usually dip the spoon in her food and then give it to her, sometimes I let her do it....soon I will let her do it all herself, but for now this works best for us and makes clean up alot easier! But anyway she enjoyed her spaghetti so much, but who can blame her with her Daddy's super, yummy homemade marinara sauce! It was delicious!! Enjoy! :)

She has so much fun w/ me taking pics...she kept saying "again, again!"

She decided to put a little in her hair!

Smiling for the camera!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Fun Bathtime!!!

Miss Lily loves bathtime! All you have to say is Dora bathtime and she is ready to run up the stairs to her bathroom. It is so cute watching her in the bath tub, she isn't nor has she ever been afraid of the water. When Jim washes her hair Lily likes it when the water just pours all down her face, in fact she likes it when you just splash her face w/ water...she will say "again, again." I think we are going to have a great time at the beach and pools this summer! We took some video the other night which I hope to put on here sometime soon. But here a couple of pics below that I took one evening.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tribute to Papa Lastinger

Sadly Papa Lastinger passed away unexpectedly after a short illness on January 6, 2010, just a couple of weeks shy of his 85th birthday. This past weekend we attended the services held in his honor. Jim, Lily, and I last saw and spent time with Papa Lastinger on Christmas Eve, where he gave Lily a Radio Flyer Tricycle that he had been talking about wanting her to have for months. He was able to see Lily playing and sitting on the tricycle enjoying it having a fun time. He loved Lily so much and looked forward to spending time with her. She loved playing with Big Papa too! She especially had fun playing w/ his walking stick and his hats! We are so glad that Lily had the opportunity to spend time with her Great Grandfather even if the time was cut short she will have some photos to look back on as we tell her all about him and his sense of humor and his ability to make everyone laugh! Rest In Peace Papa.
(Make sure you watch the short video clip at the end from Oct 2009)

Holding Lily when she was only 5 days old!

Playing with Lily at 9 months old.

Lily liked Papa's belt buckle!

Holding Lily at her 1st Birthday party!

At the Lastinger Family Reunion in October 09

Christmas Eve 2009 (playing w/ Papa's hat)

Siting on the tricycle Papa gave to her!