Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy, Fun Week....and Another Tooth!!!

Last week was busy but lots of fun! Chelsea and Courtney came to stay with us a few days and we had a great time. Lily loved playing and talking with them! We are so glad they were able to come this summer before school started back! We stayed busy doing a craft project, going to the park, making cookie icecream sandwiches, and playing games! They went back home on Saturday and then Mom and Dad arrived. On Sunday Mom and Jim flew to Milwaukee to see a Braves game. It was just going to be a day trip, but ended up being overnight when their flight got canceled. They had a great time though! Dad stayed here with Lily and I while they were on the trip. We had a great time. Lily loved spending some extra time with Granddad as did I.
Also Miss Lily has another tooth that has come through. It is her 5th (left 3rd on the top)!! Below are some photos from the past week!

Lily climbing into her little toybox!

Courtney, Lily, and Chelsea at the park!

The girls posing in the backyard!

Our yummy French Fry Pizza from a local pizzeria!! yummo!!!

Mom getting ready for takeoff!!!

The sweetest, happiest, little girl in the world!!!!

Both of my sweethearts!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pushing Dolly!!

This is a cute video of Lily pushing Dolly in her stroller. Also you will notice that she is holding a link in each hand. Those are her favorite things right now. She loves them! She likes to hold them in her hands while she crawls. You can always hear her coming....clank, clank, clank against the tile floors. :-) Lily is doing good with her practicing walking and she can balance very good all by herself. I don't think it will be too much longer before she is walking on her own!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lily's First Vacation!!!

July 13-16th we went down to Boca Raton and stayed at the Boca Raton Beach Resort. It was a beautiful place. We stayed in a Bungalow and we had so much space...over 950 square feet. On our way back on Thursday we were able to stop by and visit one of my best friends Leslie who I have not seen in forever and we had such a nice time catching up!

Lily was checking out the new place!

cute baby!!

Right after she woke up...she had on her big girl pj's! :)

We were at our Cabana....Lily was taking it all in from her crib!

Our Cabana view! The cabana was was fully equipped w/ a tiled bathroom w/ a shower, frig, tv, radio, dining table, ceiling fan, sink, butler service, and a spectacular view! Loved it!!!

Daddy and Lily on the beach!

Lily's first time in a big pool!

She thought the float was interesting!

Mommy and Lily having fun in the pool!

Lily's first time on a shuttle bus....she thought it was neat!

After our day on the beach Lily got some sunscreen in her eyes....I felt so bad for her. The were swollen and it hurt her to open them. She just mostly felt around for things. :(

My Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity's!!! Yummmm!!!

Our friend Gary and his family were also staying at the resort!

On our way back we stopped and saw Leslie and her family! This is Hannah w/ Lily!

and here is sweet little Eli!

All the girls!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lily Playtime!!!

This is a cute video of Lily blowing us kisses! At the beginning of the video she gets very excited...which is cute. Later she says "Hey" and recently when she points to the ceiling fan she moves her hand(s) round and round like the fan.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jacksonville Zoo

On Thursday July 9th we took a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo. We had a great time! April, Drew and the boys came too. Lily had alot of fun...I could tell she was really enjoying looking at everything around her, and she loved looking at the animals too. It was alot different than her trip to the Greenville Zoo several months ago. She had fun then, but this time with her being a little older it was just so much better. She just loved everything and she enjoyed having her cousins with her....Nathan always makes her laugh, she loves him!

On Monday we will be leaving to spend a few days in Boca Roton and I can't wait. It should be alot of fun and very pretty down there. I'm sure I will have tons of photos to post when we get back!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Teeth!

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that Lily's top left tooth came in a few days ago...and it looks like the right one will be soon to follow!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Stinker!!!

A few days ago I went in to get Lily after her nap and found she had took her pants off and had them laying beside I had to run downstairs and grab my camera! I wish I could have seen her do this. I could tell when I went in there that she knew she had done something different. I always love going in and getting her after she wakes up...I never know what I will find her doing, but it is always cute!!!

Also now you can tell her to go find Mommy or Daddy and she will go through the house until she does. She will also find certain toys when we ask her too. She is always amazing us with all that she can do. They really are little sponges. She says several words now... Ma Ma, Da Da, side(for outside), No No, Hey, and Hi are the ones that I can think of right now. It is cute when she really gets to talking w/ us...we have no idea what she is saying, but she is definitely trying to tell us something! :) I love it when she can sometimes just hear us mention something and she will start pointing to it...and it will be something that we have never pointed out to her before, but she has just picked it up in passing. It just goes to show that they are always learning! She also likes to push her Dolly around in her play stroller. I don't think I have a pic of her doing this I need to take one and post it!! She is still doing great with her sippy cups. She now does 2 bottles a day and 2 sippy cups!!

This is how I found her! Her pants on one side of her and her blankie on the other.

Maybe she wanted to play w/ the panda on the back of her pants! :)

She has been eating more and more finger foods. I gave her some spaghetti noodles the other night and one landed in her hair. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

We have had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. It started on Friday with Jim and I going to Ruth's Chris to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. Our actual anniversary is on July 7th, but Mom was here keeping Lily for us so it worked out nice for us to go ahead and celebrate it on Friday. Our dinner was fantastic! After dinner we took a walk on the beach, it was so nice and relaxing we had a wonderful evening. Today on the 4th Mom and Dad were here as well as April, Drew and all the kiddos! Jim got his smoker earlier this week so he broke it in this weekend by smoking some ribs, brisket and sausage! All the food was yummy and Lily and Zayne were able to enjoy taking a dip in their little pool. I think Lily enjoyed her 1st 4th of July, I know we did!!!

A family shot...Happy 4th!!!

The cutest little 4th of July baby!!!

Puts everything in her mouth!

Zayne and Lily having pool time!

Also Noah's 1st 4th of July!!!!

We have an escapee!

Hanging out in the backyard watching the little ones play....while smelling all the yummy food cooking!!!