Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost 20 Months!

Miss Lily will be 20 months old tomorrow. Time sure is flying! It will not be long and I will be planning her 2nd Birthday! Lily has been learning new things like crazy. She has been saying her numbers 1-10 for awhile now, but she can also do 1-6 in Spanish, after that she gets a little confused, but she is perfect w/ 1-6. For a month or so now she says Hola more than she says Hello. She will tell everyone and everything Hola! She mostly just talks in sentences now...4-5 word sentences. We have started doing ABC flash cards, we have only done this 3 or 4 times and she already knows almost the entire alphabet!!! She only gets confused w/ just a few of the letters. We are going to try and video her doing this sometime soon. She just continues to amaze us. I cannot even begin to explain the joy this little girl brings to our lives! Grammy has been staying with us the last few days and Lily has had so much fun playing with her, she loves it when people come and stay with us! Below are some recent pics.

Wearing her Daddy's shoes!

and now Daddy's flip flops!

We love the Pandas!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vacation in Orlando!

Lily and I went on a girl's trip to Orlando (well the husbands were there for the weekend) they went home on Sunday and Lily and I stayed as well as a friend of mine and her son which is a month older than Lily. We had such a fun time....tiring but lots of fun. We went to Sea World a couple of times and Lily loved all the shows she saw. Especially the Elmo show, they only have this at peak times, so I am so glad we got a chance to see it. She is still talking about it saying "I like Elmo show." We also went to Downtown Disney a couple of times and I rode the little train with Lily which she loved!!! They have awesome Outlet Malls in Orlando so went to a couple of those and also went to Ikea. We came back on Wednesday. Fun trip, but it felt so nice to be back in my own bed! It does have us thinking about maybe getting Disney Passes, we are so close we could go a good bit if we wanted and Lily would have a blast...we would too! :) So we will see.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Beach Photo Shoot

Friday, April 2 we went over to Ponte Vedra Beach to take some pictures. This would be the first time Lily has been to the beach since she has been walking and I was so excited to take her. I knew she would love it! and she did!!!! She talked about those waves and the water....she just ran right in. I stayed busy chasing after her, making sure she didn't get swept away! We all just had a great time. Lily and I had on our sundresses and Jim took lots of pics! 750 I believe. There were so many great shots. I will post just a few on here...posting all 40 something of my favorites would take too long! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had a fun Easter in Waycross. Lily was able to have fun w/ both sets of Grandparents and she was able to play w/ her cousins. We had a egg hunt on Sunday. Below are some pics.

Finding her Easter basket full of Dora goodies Easter morning!
Checking out her book!

Getting her Easter basket from Granny Faye and Papa Greg!

Nathan hunting eggs!

Lily's excited!

Checking out the candy inside the egg!

Cousins! Look at those red faces! It was hot! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Letting Lily find Easter Eggs this year has been so much fun! Last Easter she was too young, but she is at a great age for it this year. She carries her little Easter "Dora" Basket around and gathers up all the eggs, she makes sure she opens up each one of them and then puts it in her basket. I've hid the Easter eggs for several days in a row now, and she has so much fun. She will go over to the bushes and shake them, and looks up in all the trees. We are going up to Waycross this weekend and I am sure she will get alot more practice there too with her cousins who will also be there! Below are so pictures that we took of her. Happy Easter everyone!!!!