Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emma's One Month Birthday!!!

Today Emma is One Month Old! This month has gone by so fast. She is still so little, but I can definitely tell she is getting bigger. Clothes that I had put on her a few weeks that fell off of her now fit. She is a little cutie! She has been doing really good at night. Her bedtime feeding is somewhere around 10 or 11 and then alot times she will sleep 4 hrs and sometimes almost 5 hrs before waking up. Then I will feed her and she will usually sleep another 3 hrs before waking. When she gets up for her first morning feeding she will usually go back down for a 3 hr nap. Alot times I have to wake her at the 3 hr mark. Her other naps throughout the day usually are not as good as that first one.

She has already had so many changes and started doing all kinds of little things during this first month. She will follow us w/ her eyes and when she is upset if she hears one of our voices it will usually help her to calm down. She does have a good set of lungs on her when she gets upset. She will smile at us sometimes when we talk to her, which is so cute. Lily likes to help Emma to feel better when she is crying by getting one of Emma's rattles and shaking it for her. :) Lily has been so sweet w/ Emma.

Emma took her first breast milk bottle at 3 weeks. Jim gave it to her while I was at book club. He said at first she did not want to take it, but once she realized what was in there she gobbled it up. We've been giving her a bottle several times a week, b/c I would like her to be comfortable w/ both. Right now she nurses about 8 - 9 times a day. It was more in the beginning, but getting a little more spread out now. She is such a little sweetheart!

Here are some pictures I took of her this morning.

This one is my favorite! I was talking to her and she was so happy.

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